Body Awareness Part 1

What does it mean to be aware of your body?

Let me first say that most of us learn to fear our bodies and the sensations/emotions they create. It's as if they may fail us or overwhelm us at any time. We either pamper them like fragile china, push them, or learn to neglect them.

I have found there is another way, that is living with awareness, feeling grounded, and being aware of the moment...what is happening in that moment.

When we experience Awareness, we experience more ease, joy, feelings of openness and pleasure.

It's interesting to me how many of us go to extremes to experience these feelings that I believe are our birthright. I am referring to any activity that is done to excess, be it mountain climbing, extreme sports, skydiving, running, basketball, can add others I'm sure. The problem comes when the only time we experience these pleasurable feelings, feelings of "being in the zone", is when we are participating in these activities. We in affect miss out on the rest of life.

What if there was a way to experience this type of awareness throughout all of our daily activities?
I call it Body Awareness. When we learn to use controlled breathing, and focused awareness, we learn in affect to live within our bodies. We learn to accept ourselves on a deeper level. We learn to be more present.

There are many tools that you can learn to help you on the path to living more in the moment;

  1. controlled/diaphragmatic breathing
  2. Meditation
  3. Body Awareness techniques such as Tracking
  4. Yoga
  5. exercising with awareness
  6. being aware of your senses
  7. visualizations and guided visualizations
  8. spending time in nature
  9. Counseling and certain techniques such as re-parenting, EMDR, Gestalt, Body-Centered Psychotherapy